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OneDollarGlasses USA’s first major project is in Liberia, the third poorest country in the world where 10% of the population have access to medical facilities and even less to eye care services. Our on-the-ground partner is the non-profit, Refugee Place International (RPI), founded by Dr. Mosoka Fallah. Mosoka is an epidemiologist who returned to his native Liberia from studies in the US to work on the front line of the Ebola crisis. Since then he has founded RPI, a medical clinic in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Liberia, where Mosoka grew up. Mosoka works tirelessly for the causes he believes in and leads global efforts to combat hard-to-solve public health problems.

In 2018 Mosoka reached out to OneDollarGlasses USA to bring our glasses to his community and our partnership was created. Our project in Liberia covers vision correction with eyeglasses, optical training of vision technicians, referral pathway to specialists, creation of local jobs, and visual health awareness. The goal for this project is to develop a self-sufficient country-wide system of local eyeglass production and optical shops, all locally managed. So far, RPI has conducted almost 7300 visual screenings and dispensed over 200 pairs of glasses.

ODG USA has supported this project with technical and financial assistance, materials, training. We made our first grant to RPI for the purchase of an SUV to reach rural villages. Additionally, we are excited to announce the receipt of a grant from L’Occitane Foundation and L’Occitane North America, which will fund the expansion of this project in 2021.

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OneDollarGlasses International is active in 9 countries worldwide including ODG USA’s new project in Liberia.
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